Bitindi Scan is live

Posted November 28, 2022 by Bitindi Developers ‐ 2 min read

Bitindiscan is the most advanced, fully open-source block explorer. It was built from the ground up for Bitindi chain.

Bitindi Scan

Bitindi scan has a new look.Bitindi Scan.

BIP-20 Token Tracker

Bitindi scan will now automatically label and track smart contracts that satisfy BIP-20 contract interface. This gives users the full transparency into token holdings and token movements on chain.

Improved smart contract support

Smart contracts now have a full source viewer and improved verification API. The verification APIs are also integrated into Hardhat and Remix.

The Graph

Bitindi scan’s choice of database backend - Postgres - will certainly delight many software engineers. However we have received a lot of requests for “The graph”. Fortunately, Bitindi Scan also ships with Hasura GraphQL server which makes it easy for web developers to connect with Bitindi chain data warehouse for faster and more powerful frontend applications.

Check out the Bitindi scan documentation to learn how to access the graph and other features.

Bitindi scan APIs

Bitindi scan also ships with multiple API endpoints that are useful for quickly implementing wallet enhancements and other features:

  • An API for listing user’s tokens and balances
  • An API for historic trading data on Bitindi swap DEX
  • An API for programmatically verifying smart contracts source code
  • An API for retreiving verified smart contract’s source and ABI