Bitindi Scan

Bitindi Scan is more than just a block explorer. It contains useful resources that developers can leverage for their dapps, such as the PostgreSQL database layer, GraphQL server and smart contract APIs.

Bitindi chain data

Most apps require a fast and efficient data source for things that are not easily available over raw blockchain RPC, for example:

  • balances of all tokens that a user has
  • list of token holders for a particular coin
  • history of token trades on a DEX
  • history of user’s interaction with a smart contract

Bitindi Scan offers 3 solutions for various use cases:

  • GraphQL server for web apps
  • PostgreSQL database for advanced apps and data analysis
  • HTTP API for developers

The Graph

Bitindi Scan comes with a public GraphQL service, also known as “The Graph”.

It is available for both mainnet and testnet, on /graphql: