Bitindi Foundation the future of Bitindi network.


Bitindi Foundation is dedicated to support Bitindi ecosystem and related technologies. Bitindi Foundation does not control and own the Bitindi network, but it is controlled and secured by the validators. Bitindi Foundation is just one of other individuals or companies who supports the Bitindi Network.

Bitindi Foundation shares the same vision as Bitindi Network, and is constantly working on improving the ecosystem and to support the new technology development which enhances the Bitindi long term success.

The people

​The Bitindi Foundation people are blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and other contributors who share the same vision as Bitindi Network and who are actively working on various technology developments.

These people are from all over the globe and are investing their time and energy in supporting the Bitindi ecosystem.

Core values

​Bitindi Foundation core values are:

To create value for the blockchain industry as a whole, creating various opportunities for millions of people all over the world.

To develop technologies which supports Bitindi Network and which ultimately benefits the end users of the platform.

To create a secure and safe platform for Dapp users to use this technology. The platform’s BPoS consensus mechanism ensures the developers get the fastest and most secure network to run their own decentralised applications (Dapps).