Become a Bitindi chain validator and help secure the future of Bitindi network.


The validators are a unique part of the Bitindi ecosystem. They are responsible for producing the blocks in the blockchain. Anyone can become a validator by fulfilling its requirements. The validators earn percentage of the transaction fee paid by the users. Learn more about this in consensus section.

Validators’s core responsibility is reliable block production. However in practice becoming a validator is a highly competitive game, and as a result Validators may also provide additional services to the community, such as:

  • host Bitindi chain boot nodes
  • host fast sync block export/import infrastructure
  • develop and maintain DevOps tooling
  • develop and maintain security tooling
  • develop and maintain block explorers, RPC nodes, SQL indexers and other public good infrastructure

Become a validator

This guide only covers setting up the validator node, however there is a lot more to being a validator than running a node.

Start the validator node

1.) Setup environment and install Bitindi. Please follow this section

2.) Deploy the validator node. Please follow this section

Once you successfully complete above steps, you are now a validator, and you are now securiting the network and earning staking reward at the same time.