$BNI Tokenomics


Token Information Bitindi!

Project NameBitindi Chain
Total Supply50,000,000

Token Allocation Bitindi!

Fairlaunch/Liquidity49%24,500,000Public Fairlaunch
Exchange Listing/Security30%15,000,0005% vested monthly
Development10%5,000,0001% vested monthly
Marketing11%5,500,0001% vested monthly

Fair Launch/Liquidity

Fair launch of 49% $BNI was conducted on 2022.10.15.

Exchange Listing/Security

Utilised for Tier 1 & 2 exchange listing, the primary listing documentation is processed, only the security deposit is pending for the final listing of $BNI.


Utilised for development purposes.


Utilised for marketing purposes.

The New BNI token is the native currency of the Bitindi Network blockchain and platform, just like ETH on Ethereum and BNB on Binance.

BNI utility:

Transaction fees Being the native currency on the Bitindi Network blockchain, BNI is required to pay fees to have transactions approved on it. Validation Token holders can stake BNI to become a validator. The minimal staking requirement is 100K. The network is just started, currently there are not many validators.


Validators vote on protocol changes with their staked BNI, as well as with the tokens delegated to them by stakers. Which means validators with higher amounts of BNI staked can have a bigger vote on network upgrades and governance changes.

Staking (for delegators)

Any BNI holder can choose one or more validators to delegate any amount of BNI they wish. They receive a share of the Bitindi block rewards proportionate to the share of their stake in the total stake, minus the 50% fee paid to the validator(s) 10% to The Developer(s) and 10% to be Burn.


As BNI is the native currency on Bitindi Network, sending it does not require interactions with smart contracts. Thus, BNI transfers are potentially faster and less costly in terms of transaction fees.

IMPORTANT: Merely possessing any amount of BNI tokens does not endow holders with any rights to participate in the governance of the Bitindi Network platform or any revenue streams related to its real-world performance.

Where to Buy

BNI will be available for purchase on a number of centralized (CEX) and decentralized DEX exchanges in future.


  • PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain) https://dex.bitindi.com/swap/bnb/bni-to-bnb

  • Bitindi DEX (Bitindi Chain). https://dex.bitindi.org/#/swap

The best information about the BNI trading volumes and prices on various exchanges can be found on the Coingecko & Coinmarketcap “Markets” page for the token.