Keyboard Shortcuts

Effortlessly navigate through BitindiWallet using keyboard shortcuts and execute actions on specific screens with simple key combinations to enhance your BitindiWallet experience.

How do keyboard shortcuts work?

Keyboard shortcuts are switched on by default.

You can turn them off and back on in Settings - Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts.

When turned on, you can use a combination of keys to speed up the process when using your BitindiWallet account (see full list below).

Quickly turn Keyboard Shortcuts ON/OFF

ALT+K on Windows or OPT+K on Mac are the only combinations you need to know.

If Keyboard shortcuts are OFF and you press this combination, you will get easy access to the setting so you can turn it back ON.

If Keyboard Shortcuts are ON and you press this combination, you will see all the relevant shortcuts for the current screen.

Opening the BitindiWallet Extension

If you want to open your BitindiWallet extension, you can use the combination ALT/OPT+O whenever you are browsing, and BitindiWallet will pop up.

Open or close the BitindiWallet extension


Global keyboard shortcuts

As previously mentioned, ALT/OPT+K functions on any screen, even when shortcuts are disabled. When shortcuts are enabled, three additional key combinations will also work on any screen.

These are the 4 global keyboard shortcuts that you should know about.


Show keyboard shortcuts for current screen = ALT+K Lock wallet = CTRL+ALT+L Go back to previous screen = ALT+BACKSPACE Back to Home = ALT+Q


Show keyboard shortcuts for current screen = OPT+K Lock wallet = CTRL+OPT+L Go back to previous screen = OPT+BACKSPACE Back to Home = OPT+Q

Keyboard shortcut actions

Certain screens let you use keyboard shortcuts for fast actions. Here is the full list of all actions and shortcuts for each page you’ll see on BitindikWallet:


HOME Accounts = ALT+A Bridge = ALT+B Send = ALT+S Swap = ALT+W Buy = ALT+U Receive funds = ALT+R Switch to activity list = ALT+1 Switch to assets list = ALT+2 Add token (on assets) = ALT+N View gas prices = ALT+G View on explorer = ALT+V Settings = CTRL+ALT+S Reset account = CTRL+ALT+R

SETTINGS Accounts = ALT+1 Networks = ALT+2 Address book = ALT+3 Preferences = ALT+4 Connect hardware wallet = ALT+5 About = ALT+6

CREATE ACCOUNT Create account = ALT+C Import account = ALT+I Connect hardware wallet = ALT+H

ACCOUNTS - ACCOUNT MENU Receive funds = ALT+1 Connected sites = ALT+2 Export = ALT+3 View on explorer = ALT+4 Token allowances = ALT+5 My accounts = ALT+6 Reset account = ALT+7

ACCOUNTS - ACCOUNT MENU - ALLOWANCES Refresh allowances = ALT+R Group by spender = ALT+S Group by token = ALT+T



SETTINGS - PREFERENCES Lock timeout = ALT+1 Locale = ALT+2 Release notes = ALT+3 Default wallet = ALT+4 Default gas setting = ALT+5 Notifications & warnings = ALT+6 Phishing protection = ALT+7 Keyboard shortcuts = ALT+8


HOME Accounts = OPT+A Bridge = OPT+B Send = OPT+S Swap = OPT+W Buy = OPT+U Receive funds = OPT+R Switch to activity list = OPT+1 Switch to assets list = OPT+2 Add token (on assets) = OPT+N View gas prices = OPT+G View on explorer = OPT+V Settings = CTRL+OPT+S Reset account = CTRL+OPT+R

SETTINGS Accounts = OPT+1 Networks = OPT+2 Address book = OPT+3 Preferences = OPT+4 Connect hardware wallet = OPT+5 About = OPT+6

CREATE ACCOUNT Create account = OPT+C Import account = OPT+I Connect hardware wallet = OPT+H

ACCOUNTS - ACCOUNT MENU Receive funds = OPT+1 Connected sites = OPT+2 Export = OPT+3 View on explorer = OPT+4 Token allowances = OPT+5 My accounts = OPT+6 Reset account = OPT+7

ACCOUNTS - ACCOUNT MENU - ALLOWANCES Refresh allowances = OPT+R Group by spender = OPT+S Group by token = OPT+T



SETTINGS - PREFERENCES Lock timeout = OPT+1 Locale = OPT+2 Release notes = OPT+3 Default wallet = OPT+4 Default gas setting = OPT+5 Notifications & warnings = OPT+6 Phishing protection = OPT+7 Keyboard shortcuts = OPT+8

Use keyboard shortcuts to optimize your BitindiWallet navigation experience. With these handy key combinations, you’ll be able to execute actions on specific screens and improve your overall BitindiWallet account management efficiency.